How long will the Leisure Battery last?

Modified on Mon, 27 Feb 2023 at 12:19 PM

How long the Leisure Battery will last is really difficult to determine as it depends on numerous factors. Such as:

- How much are you using the water pump and lights when not connected to mains?

- How often are you connecting to mains power to recharge the battery?

- How much driving are you doing to recharge the battery? (Please do not idle the vehicle to charge the battery. This will cause mechanical issues and you will be liable for any costs involved in this if this is the case, regardless of insurance option chosen.)

Therefore, we would recommend staying in campsites every night and connecting to mains power to charge the leisure battery. If you do not do this and the leisure battery is allowed to go completely flat, you will not likely be able to get enough charge into the vehicle alone from driving and the alternator. You will then need to get mains power and be connected for at least 14 hours approximately, to get charge back into the leisure battery. In letting the battery go flat, you may also have some fuses blow which will need replaced.

We recommend not letting the leisure battery run out. If the leisure battery dies repeatedly, this can also cause the battery to blow and you would be liable for any costs involved in replacing this.

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